Breaking: Flames veteran willing to waive his no-trade.

A big move on the horizon for Calgary?

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A Flames veteran is open to a change of scenery, and it's hard to imagine the Flames aren't open to that idea as well.

Veteran defenseman Dennis Wideman in a recent interview with the Calgary Herald has openly admitted that he is willing to be moved prior to the trade deadline, and would waive his protection to get it done.

“If that’s something that (the Flames) want to do, then they can call and I definitely would be open to it,” Wideman said as per the Herald. “I think, as a player, you don’t want to be anywhere that you’re not wanted. So if they want to move you and someone wants to take you, then it’s nice to go somewhere like that if that’s the case."

Every since Wideman's attack on a referee the Flames have been the most heavily penalized team in the league, and there is clearly a perception within the Flames organization that there is a bias from National Hockey League officials due to Wideman's presence on their roster.

The Flames will likely have to retain a large portion of Wideman's salary to make any deal a reality, but there have been whispers of interest in Wideman on the rumor mill and it seems likely that they will be motivated to make this happen.