Breaking : Former Canucks' first rounder will be unprotected.

After failing short of expectations.

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Hockey is a tough sport to predict. Kids can show a lot of promise in the minors and still faill to impose themselves once they join the big show. To some extent, fans are rough with them and have little patience, but the upper management of a NHL has to be less emotional in their perspective. However, patience has its limits and this is exactly what's reported to happen in Vancouver. 

According to report, Brendan Gauce will be exposed for the NHL expansion draft. 

Not many will be surprised about this decision, as Gauce fell short of expectations. In 77 games in the NHL, the big center only re corded 6 points. Of course, points are not all the story, but at some point one expect a rookie to improve considerably. 

It will be interesting to see how much interest Gauce will bring to the McPhee's Golden Knights, but chances are he will still be with Vancouver comes October.