Breaking: Former first round pick reportedly wants over 48 million dollars to sign!

An absolutely monstrous contract demand!

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He's widely regarded as one of the best young defensemen in the National Hockey League, some even put him at the very top of that short list, but his talents will reportedly come at a major cost.

The talk surrounding 22 year old star defenseman Hampus Lindholm has always circled around the fact that the Ducks were confident in getting a deal done, but never included any details regarding how much the young man was seeking, that is until now.

According to a report from Eric Stephens of the Orange County Register Lindholm's contract demands are massive, with him seeking the maximum term of 8 years, and one that pays $6 million per season. That would add up to a whopping $48 million dollar contract, and some sources are claiming that number is even higher with Lindholm actually seeking a little more than $6 million per season.

It sounds like the Ducks are hoping to get a deal done closer to the $5 million to $5.5 million range leaving a sizable gap between the two sides, especially over such a long term.

It's unlikely that the Ducks will look to trade Lindholm even despite these massive demands, but if they do end up paying him this much one should expect that they will trade a defenseman off their blue line.