Breaking: Former Habs forward becomes the youngest player to sue NHL over head injuries.

Another name joins the fight against the NHL.

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A former National Hockey League forward has just become the youngest to join the concussion lawsuit currently being litigated against the NHL. 

TSN business insider Rick Westhead is now reporting that Guillaume Latendresse, a defenseman who played for the Montreal Canadiens, Minnesota Wild and Ottawa Senators has joined the lawsuit, he is just 29 years old. 

Latendresse is claiming that he suffered multiple head traumas that were improperly diagnosed and has stated that he continues to suffer the impact of those injuries even today. Latendresse says that he suffers from headaches, irritability, mood changes, anxiety and stress gestion.

It's unclear what this means for the National Hockey League's defense in this case, but it's one more name on the list, and one that will be much more familiar to modern fans of the game.