Breaking: Former head coach puts Carey Price on blast for his appearance this evening.

Price hasn't even hit the ice and he's already being criticized.

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A former National Hockey League head coach has put Carey Price on blast for his appearance at Montreal's home opener against the Pittsburgh Penguins.

It was Michel Bergeron who went after Price during the French language telecast of the match, with Bergeron specifically taking issue with the fact that Price was introduced to the crowd despite not appearing in Tuesday's contest due to illness.

Bergeron stated that during his eleven seasons as an NHL head coach he saw players who were ill before matches, that would vomit just prior to the game from being  so sick, and that a "virus" was no excuse for Price to be healthy enough to be attendance all the while not being healthy enough to backstop the home opener. Bergeron went on to add that the aforementioned players who were ill would beg to be allowed into the game, again calling Price's decision not to play into question very vocally.

He wasn't done there, he also questioned the timing of the decision not to play in the home opener, pointing out that the Canadiens were playing the Penguins on Tuesday night, he then asked his co-host to name their next opponent,to which his co-host replied the Arizona Coyotes. While Bergeron didn't state it plainly, he was not-so-subtly implying that Price preferred to come back, after a huge layoff in terms of the NHL, against the weaker opponent.

Last but not least, he stated that if Jaroslav Halak was still around to contend for a job behind Price, that may have been more than enough to motivate the Canadiens superstar to suit up this evening