NHL News : Breaking: Former NHL player is threatening to kill himself.
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Breaking: Former NHL player is threatening to kill himself.

Former NHL player threatening to take his own life.

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A few short weeks ago we brought you the story of Walter Peat, the father of former National Hockey League enforcer Stephen Peat, when Walter went to the New York Times to publish letters and emails regarding the health of his son.

At the time of that report Walter was seriously concerned that Stephen would either hurt someone or end up hurting himself, and now it seems that the situation has deteriorated quite badly. Considering that at the time of the last stop Stepehen was reportedly homeless and his own father had to get a restraining order because he feared for his safety, that is very bad news indeed.

In a recent article for the CBC, Walter has stated that Stephen is now threatening to take his own life, and Walter also laments the fact that neither the Western Hockey League, where Stephen played as a young man, and the NHL are doing nothing to help.

"He gets frustrated, and he gets upset, and he says 'I'm gonna go kill myself'," Walter said as per the CBC.

"You lose sleep over it, and you get thinking about it and you just think, 'Well, tomorrow's going to be the day,' you know?"

Unfortunately most of the fans reading this there will be absolutely nothing you can do to help the Peat family, however hopefully Walter's crusade to get this story out to as many people as possible will put pressure on the NHL and WHL to step in and save Stephen's life.

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