Breaking: Frustrated Maple Leaf finally makes the line up.

How long will it last?

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When the injury to defenseman Matt Marincin was announced on Friday we thought it could finally result in some peace of mind for defenseman Frankie Corrado and as it turns out that was exactly the case.

According to a report from David Alter of The Athletic the disgruntled Leafs defenseman will get just his second opportunity in the Toronto Maple Leafs line up this season. This comes after Corrado expressed that head coach Mike Babcock wasn't giving him a chance to play because he felt he didn't like him.

Corrado was picked up by the Maple Leafs when the Vancouver Canucks placed him on waivers, but he has been unable to crack the Leafs roster this season despite playing 39 games for Toronto the season prior.

Corrado is likely to see limited use, in fact head coach Mike Babcock wouldn't even confirm that he will be in the line up, but despite that it will be a solid opportunity for him to showcase his skills and potentially earn more playing time in the future.