Breaking: Gary Bettman confirms plans for very interesting new arena deal.

One NHL team is looking for a new home.


The National Hockey League's commissioner has just confirmed some big news.

While it's been no secret that the New York Islanders have been desperately looking for a new home to host their hockey team, there hasn't been much more than rumors to go on, that is until now.

Bettman confirmed on Friday that the Islanders would be part of a major presentation that seeks to build a new arena at Belmont Park in New York, something that would be huge for the Islanders.

“Yes, there is an RFP [request for proposal] for Belmont and I know they are going to participate in that,” Bettman said of the Islanders as per a Newsday report. “I believe that everyone thinks there is a terrific opportunity there, if not at Willets Point, to create a more hockey friendly environment for the Islanders, which is something Scott [Malkin] is committed to do.”

There are unconfirmed reports that the Islanders may be teaming up with the New York Mets for this development project. Whatever this proposal may be, you know it's serious if Bettman is commenting on it publicly and the Mets are indeed involved.