Breaking: GMs want answers about the 'Patrick Kane loophole.'

GMs demanding answers on a major loophole.

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Last year the Chicago Blackhawks went into the post season with a massive advantage over their competition. They had an additional $6.3 million dollars on their salary cap as a result of a loophole they took advantage after star forward Patrick Kane went down for a lengthy period of time with a serious, and potentially season ending injury.

Now according to a report from TSN's Frank Seravalli National Hockey League general managers have been asking for answers regarding this loophole as the post season draws nea.

“It seems to be a counterbalance that you work 82 nights with one financial equation, (and) then on Game 1, there are no financial concerns,” Blues GM Doug Armstrong said as per Seravalli. “I’m not sure what the proper answer is.”

Armstrong himself was in a similar position last season, but he did not take advantage of the loophole, although he was not critical of the Blackhawks for opting to do so, after all there was a real possibility Kane would not make it back for the post season. Armstrong is far more interested in potential solutions to the loophole, which could obviously be abused, than he is in pointing fingers.

“I’m interested to see what the solutions are,” Armstrong said. “I think it’s easy for all of us to poke holes in things, but you better bring an answer to it on how you’re going to fix it.”