Breaking: Huge setback in the Boogaard wrongful death lawsuit

It’s Bettman vs Boogaard in US Federal Court and you won’t believe the result.

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The family of deceased NHL enforcer Derek Boogaard who have been awaiting the outcome of a wrongful death suit filed against the NHL have learned that their case had been dismissed by a US Federal Court judge.

The news was reported to social media by Rick Westhead, Correspondent with TSN:

The case alleged that the NHL was culpable in the death of Boogaard as a result of not properly rehabilitating the troubled athlete during his time with the NHL/NHLPA Substance Abuse Program. Regardless of your thoughts on substance abuse in pro sports, it’s clear that Boogaard was suffering and didn’t receive the help he needed to save his life. It’s a tragic tale that’s told all too often these days.