Breaking: Injured Senator says he's ready to come back.

The team may not be on the same page.

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The Ottawa Senators may be about to get a big weapon back in the line up, but then again maybe not.

Veteran forward Clarke MacArthur has now gone out of his way to signal he feels he is ready to return to action, although it has to be stated his belief in himself is not the same as medical clearance.

I’m always holding out for this year. I could care less about next year,” MacArthur said as per TSN's Ian Mendes. “I’m only training like this and doing what I’m doing now for this year. Next year is next year. I’m going to do anything I can to get back in and if they clear me, I’ll be ready.”

While MacArthur himself is extremely optimistic about his recovery, the comments made by general manager Pierre Dorion seem to cast doubt on whether or not MacArthur's optimism is well-founded.

“There’s been some talk that we may have him do the baseline. As far as him playing again, it’s always on the doctors, it’s not up to us,” Dorion told reporters on Monday. “The doctors will decide if he can play or not. But to put him in a game situation or a playoff situation when you’ve played four games in two years might not be the smartest thing.”

Head coach Guy Boucher was also fairly dismissive when asked about a possible return.

“Until the doctors tell me there’s a possibility, then I’ll think about it,” Boucher said. “We’re happy he’s there, we’re happy he’s feeling great, but as long as he’s not part of my decisions I’m not putting any focus on it right now.”