Breaking: Insider confirms Patrick Marleau is done in Toronto.

Marleau is done as a Maple Leaf.

Published 4 years ago
Breaking: Insider confirms Patrick Marleau is done in Toronto.
Daniel Lea/CSM/Zuma

There seems to be no doubt that veteran forward Patrick Marleau is all but done as a member of the Toronto Maple Leafs organization.

According to comments made by Sportsnet's National Hockey League insider Nick Kypreos on this Saturday's Headlines segment there can be no doubt as to Marleau's motivations and as to the likely outcome of this current situation. Kypreos made it clear that he believes it is only a matter of time before Marleau is eventually traded out of Toronto and even went into some details regarding Marleau's personal life that would appear to point to the fact that everyone seems to be on the same page here. 

"Yeah it sounds like Marleau and the Leafs are set to part ways," began Kypreos as per Sportsnet. "The family is going to move back to San Jose and Patrick Marleau has made it clear to the Toronto Maple Leafs that he would like to get closer to his family once again which means moving to the West Coast Area"

The rumors surrounding Marleau's future have been around for several days now but to hear Kypreos describe the situation in such a definitive manner as well as the added knowledge of the movement of the Marleau family seem to make this much more than a mere rumor. The questions of course would then shift from will Marleau be traded to, which team will he be traded to and for what players or assets will he be traded for? Well Kypreos had some additional details to share on that front as well.

"Some of the teams that are in the mix I am told are Arizona, Colorado and the Los Angeles Kings." 

What is interesting here is that there have been reports that the Kings and Leafs touched based on a deal involving Marleau but that the two frequent trade partners could not find a suitable fit to make it work. The fact that Kypreos feels they are still in the mix could not be related to the talk that we have been hearing regarding a possible buyout of veteran Dion Phaneuf's current contract. 

No word from Kypreos on what the return might be like, but given Marleau's contract and the position of weakness from which the Leafs are dealing, I do not expect a big time return here.