Breaking: Insider reports something big is coming from Stamkos today.

We may finally have our answer.

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According to one hockey insider we should expect some major breaking news today.

During a recent radio interview TSN 1200 in Ottawa Pierre McGuire indicated that we can expect a decision from Tampa Bay Lightning superstar Steven Stamkos today.

"I've talked to other agents that would be informed, and they seem to think that the drop dead date or the drop dead time is coming up pretty quick and it's probably today."

McGuire said he attended a dinner with members of an NHL's team management and he's hearing all the same things from every direction, a decision is coming.

"The one thing that's pretty apparent is if they can't get him signed they are probably trading him to get something for him."

To hammer his point home McGuire plainly stated that today is the day for Stamkos.

"You gotta think at some point today you're going to have some breaking news on Steven Stamkos one way or the other."

With this and accusations of tampering against an NHL GM already today, it sounds like we are headed for some excitement.