Breaking: Jagr's agent has had talks with one of the NHL's biggest teams.

Jagr's agents have had talks with historic NHL team.


One of the more gripping stories of this National Hockey League offseason has been the saga of free agent Jaromir Jagr.

For obvious reasons fans have been extremely interested in every detail of his current contractual situation, and now for the first time we may have a hint of where the NHL legend may end up. 

In a recent interview on Montreal's 690 radio insider David Pagnotta revealed that Jagr's agents have had talks with at least one NHL franchise, one of the most historic franchises in the league in fact.

"Perhaps it actually is with the Canadiens. There were some talks at the beginning of July with his agent and the camp on what it would take, what kind of dollars he's looking for what kind of contract he's looking for."

This of course does not mean that Jagr will eventually sign with the Canadiens, but it's interesting that general manager Marc Bergevin has considered the option following the loss of Alexander Radulov in free agency. 

Jagr as a Canadien next season would be extremely interesting.