Breaking: Jamie Benn officially replaced on Canada's World Cup roster.

Benn is officially out with an injury.

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It''s official, Dallas Stars superstar Jamie Benn is officially off Canada's roster for the upcoming World Cup of Hockey.

According to a report from Travis Hughes of SB Nation, Team Canada made the decision on Tuesday to remove Benn from the roster, presumably as a result of the aforementioned injury and surgery, and replacing him will be San Jose Sharks forward Logan Couture.

There's little doubt that if Benn were in any condition to play right now, he would be playing, unfortunately it's likely that participating in the tournament would be cutting it too close, and the Dallas Stars want to protect their investment as a result.

It's likely to be a disappointment from fans of the Stars' but after seeing what can happen when you rush back too soon fro man injury last season, we believe they will be more than willing to accept this decision.