Breaking: John Scott issues a warning to one NHL All-Star.

John Scott tells one player to

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Something tells us Scott may have been kidding when he said this, but it's being reported as a straight forward comment thus far.

According Chris Kuc of the Chicago Tribune, NHL All-Star John Scott has issued a warning to one other All-Star, none other than the National Hockey League's scoring leader Chicago Blackhawk Patrick Kane.

"Tell him to stay away from me. We have a history. I don't really like hm."

Kane and Scott are former teammates, and adding to the strangeness of the situation is that Kane seemed like one of the players who was immediately on board with the idea of him playing in the All-Star game. But perhaps there is some lingering issue we aren't aware of?

Update: Kuc is now reporting that Scott was in fact not serious.

Update #2: It appears we are not the only ones who weren't sure about Chris' report.

Update #3: Sounds like Kuc has caused quite a bit of a controversy and has now deleted his original tweet.