Breaking: John Scott reveals why he called P.K. Subban “a piece of garbage.”

John Scott responds to the big controversy around Subban.

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There was a major controversy during an ESPN E:60 report when it was revealed that veteran enforcer John Scott had described P.K. Subban as a "piece of garbage," and on Monday Scott finally addressed those comments.

Rather than deny that he ever made the comments, he was after all on video when he made them, Scott completely owned making the statement and in fact refused to retract them.

Scott explained that the recording was roughly two years old, and while he hadn't yet met Subban at the time he made the comments, he absolutely stands by what he said even after meeting Subban. 

Scott explained that while he likes Subban off the ice, as a competitor on the ice he absolutely hated him, and felt that his comments were appropriate. Scott also added that he hated all of his opponents on the ice, and when you consider his role as an enforcer in the National Hockey League, the comments make a great deal of sense. 

If you'd like to hear Scott in his own words you can listen to the full 9 minute interview here.