Breaking: Justin Bieber puts the Bieber curse on team in the Cup Final!

Oh no!

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The Justin Bieber curse has come to the National Hockey League.

For fans unfamiliar with the curse, the hit recording artist has often made clear his love of professional sports, however that has often been much to the dismay of the fans of those same professional sports team as a result of what has come to be known simply as "The Bieber Curse."

It's gotten so bad in fact that USA Today even published a report about three of the worst examples of the curse in action. From USA Today:

1. New York Knicks

In 2014, Bieber was in attendance for the Knicks’ opener against the Bulls. The final score: A 104-80 blowout win for Chicago.

2. Spain’s World Cup team

Back in 2014, Bieber was snapped with a Spain jersey. When the World Cup came around, the national team and defending champions didn’t make it out of the group stage.

3. Pittsburgh Steelers

In 2014, Bieber showed up to a Steelers bible study the Saturday before a game against the New York Jets. Pittsburgh game into that Sunday matchup absolutely red-hot (Ben Roethlisberger had thrown 12 touchdown passes in his last two games), but they somehow fell to the Jets. Steelers fans blamed the Bieber Curse.

Well just a few short hours ago Justin Bieber sent out a photo via his Instagram account, and in the picture he clearly makes his allegiance for this Stanley Cup Final quite clear. In the image Bieber can be seen rocking a Pittsburgh Penguins jersey, although no number is visible in the photo so it's unclear who's jersey he is wearing. 

Needless to say fans in Pittsburgh will be keeping their fingers cross to counter the curse with some good luck after they see the following photo.

Only time will tell if the Bieber Curse will strike again.