Breaking: Kane suspended for abuse of official

And the hammer falls.

Breaking: Kane suspended for abuse of official

This just in, San Jose Sharks forward Evander Kane has been suspended 3 games for abuse of an official.

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In case you missed it Sunday night, Kane was ejected from his team’s game against the Vegas Golden Knights for “abuse of an official” after getting into an altercation of sorts with a linesman. 

Kane and Vegas Golden Knights pugilist Deryk Engelland were mixing it up along the boards when a linesman stepped in to separate the two during the course of play, Kane ended up getting taken down by the referee after the play ended.

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First question… what are you thinking, Evander Kane?

Second question… what are you thinking, ref?

Just stupidity all around. You never touch an official. Ever. Period.

Having said that, this referee acts like he’s Ryan Reaves coming to Engelland’s defense. What is he doing?

Kane had plenty to say about the altercation after the game saying, “I get kicked out of the game for getting jumped from behind by a referee. I’ve never seen a ref take five strides. If you look at his face, he’s getting all this power and he’s trying to drive me into the ice, which is what he did. That’s unbelievable.”

”Talk about abuse of an official? How about abuse of a player? It’s an absolute joke.”

“I was just skating up the ice. Minding my own business, and next thing you know, I get driven into the ice by one of the officials,” Kane said. “I wasn’t even engaged with one of their players. Explain that to me, how I get kicked out of the game for that. Baffling.”
Incredibly, Kane could have faced a potential 10 game suspension as a result of this matter as the league has an automatic 10 game penalty for abuse of an official. 

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It’s unclear exactly why the sentence was reduced to 3 games.

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