Breaking: KHL planning for CRAZY expansion location!

First China and now this!?!

Breaking: KHL planning for CRAZY expansion location!

Many fans questionned the Kontinental Hockey League's decision to expand the league into China, but the Kunlun Red Star made its debut this season. 

Another report, this time brought forth by Russian sports writer Slava Malamud, reveals that the KHL is not done with relocation and is looking to drop another franchise to expand the league elsewhere. 

The KHL is reportedly considering dropping its Slovakian franchise to expand to Uzbekistan. 

As Malamud points out, the decision would make a lot of eyebrows go up!

No further details have been revealed about this situation, but it surely something that will need to be explained by the KHL before a move is made to change the look of Russian hockey as we know it this season.