Breaking: Leafs pick up forward on waivers after waiving Michalek!

Leafs make yet another move on a very busy Monday!

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The Toronto Maple Leafs are having a very busy Monday.

First there were signs that they could be potentially connected to a major trade rumor, you can read about that on our site here, and that was quickly followed by a series of moves on the waiver wire.

The Leafs placed former first round pick Milan Michalek on waivers today and while the motivation for that move was initially unclear, the acquisition they just made on the waiver wire could explain the decision behind the move.

According to a report from ESPN insider Pierre Lebrun the Toronto Maple Leafs have acquired forward Ben Smith from the Colorado Avalanche, after the Avalanche decided to place him on waivers.

It's believed that Smith is being brought in because of his ability to play on the penalty kill, and furthermore the move does save the Leafs some cap space by sending Michalek to the AHL and replacing him with the much cheaper Smith.