Breaking: Leafs pull player off waivers and trade him instead!

Last minute moves from the Leafs.

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A curious development has turned into a trade from the Toronto Maple Leafs. 

According to a breaking news report from the Maple Leafs organization the Leafs have traded defeseman Connor Carrick to the Dallas Stars in exchange for a 7th round pick with some conditions attached to it. It is believed that the condition will focus on the number of games played by Carrick once he joins the Stars roster. Should Carrick play in over 50 games as a member of the Stars organization the 7th round pick in the 2019 NHL Entry Draft will turn into Dallas' 6th round pick from the very same year. 

This news comes as a major surprise given the fact that the Leafs made an announcement this morning that would run contradictory to this news. Earlier today the Leafs reported that Carrick was one of the 3 players who had been placed on waivers by the organization as it announced it's final round of roster cuts, but it now appears that he had never been placed on waivers to begin with. 

The way things probably went down is that the Leafs had every intention of waiving Carrick and informed their media department that the move would in fact be consummated. The Leafs likely received a last minute call from the Stars that left them scrambling and as they worked on the finer details of the trade with the Stars the move was announced without being corrected by Leafs public relations. 

Now you may be wondering why the Dallas Stars would be willing to give up a pick, even if it is only a 7th round pick, in order to get a defenseman that couldn't even crack Toronto's top 7 blue liners. Well the answer is a rather simple one, every team in the NHL gets to place a claim when a player is waived by his team and the Stars had no way of knowing whether or not Carrick would fall to them or if another franchise ahead of them on waivers would claim him. By giving up a relatively late round draft pick the Stars guarantee that Carrick will be a member of their roster and don't have to risk the waivers process in order to get him.