Breaking: Lightning almost crashed while on a plane as engine blew up!

This is a scary incident!

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TSN's Insider Trading always provides great information on teams and injuries, or potential trades and signings, however on Tuesday night, Bob McKenzie, the best in the business, revealed some shocking information about the Tampa Bay Lightning as players are lucky to be alive. 

During a two-day break last week, the Lightning decided to hold a team-bonding experience as they went to Miami to get ready for the playoffs and celebrate the fact that they won this season's President's trophy, however, something went extremely wrong as they boarded the plane to head back to to Tampa Bay. Here is how McKenzie recalls it: 

"When they were flying from Miami back to Tampa late last week, on take off, one of the engines blew on their plane or it was a bird strike - they are not quite sure what is was - but in any case some anxious moments as the plane had to turn around and make an emergency landing back in Miami. It's not very often that National Hockey League players will welcome a four or five hour bus ride, but that's what the Tampa Bay Lightning took from Miami back to Tampa and on terre ferme, and they were pretty happy about that. 
"I should point out it was not their normal team charter or team plane, they took that to Ottawa, Montreal and Toronto this week and I think they're happy to be back on it."

Wow, what a story! It is rare that NHL players will face issues in the air as such, but no one is safe from these types of unfortunate accidents. The good thing is that everyone is feeling better from the anxiety of the scary situation. 

The Lightning is in Montreal tonight as they face the Montreal Canadiens at the Bell Centre.