Breaking: Line judge loses a finger in the middle of a game!

A true horror story.

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A truly horrific incident has occurred in the Swedish Hockey League.

While trying to avoid a collision with two players, lineman Anton Starby suffered one of the more gruesome injuries you're going to hear about in the sport of hockey, literally ripping his finger clean off his hand.

According to a report from TVA Sports, Starby's finger not only ripped off his hand, but remained stuck in the boards where it had jammed initially much to the horror of the players who at first did not know what it was, that is until medical staff came to retrieve the detached digit.

Players commented about on how it was one of the worst injuries they have ever seen, and according to several comments Starby was left screaming in agony for over 5 minutes before being carried off the ice and taken to hospital.

Needless to say the players admitted it was a very difficult game to finish