Breaking: Major announcement coming tomorrow, could be related to NHL relocation.

This may be huge.

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There is a huge rumor coming out of Seattle right now, and while there is no hard evidence linking it to the National Hockey League, there is already rampant speculation that this could be tied to NHL relocation.

The Mayor of Seattle, Ed Murray, has just revealed that he has a major announcement planned for tomorrow at 10 am, and according to NHL reporter Chris Danielsm the story is related to the future of KeyArena in Seattle. 

Some of our readers will likely remember that several months ago rumors began to circulate about a potential relocation to Seattle, specifically one involving the Arizona Coyotes. Those rumors stemmed from the fact that the Coyotes had denied ever visiting KeyArena, among others, while officials from KeyArena in fact confirmed that there were members of Coyotes personnel who had in fact been there.

With that context it's easy to see why there has been speculation that tomorrow's announcement could be related to the NHL, although at this time that remains merely a rumor.