Breaking: Major failure from one team could force NHL game to be canceled tonight.

What a disaster!

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The Carolina Hurricanes are already the laughing stock of the National Hockey League and the situation may have reached peek levels of embarrassing tonight.

According to multiple reports the Hurricanes have been forced to delay their games against the Detroit Red Wings this evening due to the fact that the ice at PNC arena is not suitably frozen for play to begin. The Hurricanes believe this will delay the game by at least an hour and while that may seem mild on the surface it's anything but.

A report from Helene St. James of the Detroit Free Press is now claiming that the Red Wings can only tolerate a "limited" delay to the fact that they have a game scheduled against the Tampa Bay Lightning tomorrow. It's a perfectly reasonable position from the Red Wings but we're not sure just how limited that delay needs to be in order for them to call them game off.

To make matters worse here's a picture from one fan that shows what's going on in the big screen as the few fans who showed up to the arena wait for the game.

Yes they are actually showing solitaire on the big screen...

Update: The Red Wings are now openly making fun of the Hurricanes. 

Update: Hurricanes are now stating there will be no update until 8:30 and the few fans in attendance are not at all happy.