Breaking: Major newspaper is now calling for NHL GM to resign!

The GM has done such a bad job the media is now calling for his job!

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A major publication is now outright calling for a National Hockey League general manager, and one of the most well respected players in recent history, to quit his job.

In a recent article published in the Denver Post, writer Mark Kiszla spelled out his belief that former head coach Patrick Roy was not the problem in the Colorado Avalanche's organization, but rather the root of the problem was higher up the ladder of power, with general manager Joe Sakic  He not only heaped the blame for Colorado's failures at Sakic's feet either, he openly called for Sakic's job.

From the Denver Post:

He will forever be Super Joe as a player, at least in my mind. Nothing can erase the fond memories of Sakic raising the Cup on the steps on the City and County Building or handing it to Ray Bourque. Those snapshots from the good times will never fade.

The Avs, however, are in need of a major overhaul. Watching a hopeless team whose record has dropped to 11-20-1, Sakic has become the ghost of greatness past.

At the end of this sad season, Sakic needs to resign and move on, so Colorado can again move forward.

There have been rumors that a major move is coming from the Avalanche following the holiday break, and it will be interesting to see how much freedom Sakic has to make moves if the feeling really is that it's now time for him to lose his job.