Breaking: Major rumors about the Red Wings following their elimination tonight.

Some major discussion about the future of the Red Wings.

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It did not take long, less than an hour after the Detroit Red Wings were knocked out of the playoffs some major rumors about how the organization will proceed with the offseason are already popping up.

Let's get the big one out of the way first, Steven Stamkos, the Hockey Night in Canada panel discussed the fact they had heard rumblings of a possible Stamkos to Detroit rumor, and they aren't the only ones talking either. TSN's James Mirtle was apparently watching that very segment and went to social media to add that according to him a "lot of hockey people seem to believe the Wings have a shot at Stamkos."

Now I know what you're thinking, the Wings don't have the cap space, which they would have if they were willing to trade Pavel Datsyuk's contract to another team for cap space. Well we have at least two people who believe that's exactly what's going to happen despite the fact that the Red Wings have previously stated they won't do it.

TSN's Gino Reda has stated his belief that the Red Wings will give up one of their top draft picks in order to free up the entirety of Datsyuk's contract, potentially in preparation for the aforementioned bid for Steven Stamkos. 

"Wouldn't be surprised if Wings sent Datzuk's contract and 1st or 2nd round pick to a team with loads of cap space for a late round pick," said Reda.

Furthermore Ken Campbell of The Hockey News echoed both sentiments, simply stating that he's been saying this for months now. The Red Wings season may be over, but things may also be about to get very exciting.