Breaking: Major rumors of Wayne Gretzky taking on a new role with an NHL team.

The return of the Great One to the NHL?

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It's not official but considering the source this rumor is as legit as it gets.

While The Great One Wayne Gretzky is in Edmonton today the reason that he is supposed to be there is the unveiling of his relocated statue, but it sounds like there may be a major announcement hidden behind a seemingly routine appearance for Gretzky.

According to TSN insider Bob McKenzie speculation is running rampant that the former Oiler may be returning to the team in some official capacity, although what that capacity could be is entirely unclear at this time. It's worth noting McKenzie states he has received no official confirmation so it's still just a rumor for now.

Gretzky appeared to patch things up with the National Hockey League this summer after a years-long feud stemming from his time with the Phoenix Coyotes and him taking on a front office role with his former team would seem like a natural next step. 

More to come.