Breaking: Major turn of events may bring a huge name to Pittsburgh before the trade deadline

Everyone will be absolutely thrilled about this.

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Pittsburgh Post-Gazette's Jason Mackey runs a chat with fans every single Thursday, and it's a gold mine for information from one of the Pittsburgh Penguins' top beat reporters.

One tidbit in his most recent chat revealed a major twist in a rumor that originally had Matt Cullen coming back to the Penguins at some point this season.

The rumor had since been nixed, as it was widely believed that there was no way the Minnesota Wild would part ways with him. Not while they contend for a playoff spot. 

They currently hold a precarious hold on a wildcard spot. If they slip out of contention by the end of this month, they may decide to seek assets for players like Cullen.

Here's what Mackey had to say.

"I don't think they'll do much at the "deadline," but I do think GMJR will strike beforehand; he usually does. I think they'll get a third-line center and possible will add Matt Cullen, depending on his situation in Minnesota."

Of course, the situation he's referring to is how things play out in the standings in the next 3-4 weeks. 

Everyone would absolutely love to bring "Dad" back. He was an instrumental figure in the Penguins' last two Stanley Cup runs, with his veteran presence shining through and having an impact on the entire lineup.

Cullen hasn't been able to bring the same production to the Wild as he did with the Pens. In 49 games, he only has 11 points, which will put him well short of his 31 points the year prior with Pittsburgh.

Maybe it's chemistry, maybe it's father time catching up with him. 

Either way, he fits a serious need for Jim Rutherford, and it would provide a huge boost to the locker room. If he's made available, you can bet Rutherford will do everything he can to bring him aboard.

Watching this just brings a tear to our eyes. Okay, many tears.