Breaking: MAJOR update on Antoine Vermette situation

And the soap opera continues...

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And the soap opera continues...

The Anaheim Ducks veteran forward Antoine Vermette decided that he will not appeal his 10-game suspension to neutral arbitrator. Vermette was given a 10-game suspension after he intentionally slashed the referee Shandor Alphonso. He was accused of violating Rule 40.3 (Physical Abuse of Officials). 

Soon after he announced his decision to appeal the decision in front of NHL commissioner Gary Bettman. This was the last chapter of the soap opera as he will not go against the decision of Gary Bettman and accept his 10-game suspension.

Antoine Vermette played 58 games earlier this year with the Anaheim Ducks. He scored 8 goals and registered 14 assists for a total of 22 points.

Antoine Vermette Statement after the incident

"First and foremost, I have great respect for the officials and the integrity of the game. Also, I agree that I deserve a suspension. I should never make contact with an official. At the earliest possible opportunity, I apologized to Mr. Shandor Alphonso. I was trying to get his attention and was not trying to hurt him. However, using my stick was a mistake, and I accept full responsibility for my actions. I certainly hope my track record in the NHL will earn me the benefit of the doubt regarding this incident. I feel a 10-game suspension is excessive and will be reviewing my options. I look forward to returning to the lineup as soon as possible."