Breaking: Major update on Eddie Olczyk's battle with cancer.

Huge update on Eddie O!

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We have been following the most recent chapter in Eddie Olczyk's life story with a great deal of interest, and a great man fans of the National Hockey League have been right there with us cheering him on as he battles a terrible disease that has impacted so many lives. Now we are happy to say there is finally some good news. 

After several reports of chemotherapy and surgeries Kevin Allen of USA Today Sports is now reporting that Eddie is ready to make his comeback, a frankly miraculous turn around for the former NHL center.

From Allen's report:

Six weeks after starting a 24-week chemotherapy regimen for colon cancer, NBC Sports NHL analyst Eddie Olczyk says he’s returning to the booth.


Eddie will not be returning to his full-time schedule as of yet as he still has several treatments to undergo , however the fact that he feels well enough to return to do a few games here and there is a really positive sign. 

“Three treatments in. Nine to go,” Olczyk told USA Today Sports. “We are a quarter of the way into the race and we are grinding it out.”

Eddie has received a ton of support from fans since his battle began, and this latest bit of good news will likely galvanize those same people into cheering him on once again.