Breaking: Major update on the P.K. Subban trade rumors.

Darren Dreger shares his perspective on the blockbuster rumor.

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If you follow our articles you're probably aware of the insane trade rumor involving Montreal Canadiens superstar defenseman P.K. Subban that broke earlier this morning. Now we have more inforrmation and it comes from one of hockey's very best isniders, TSN's Darren Dreger.

In an article published for TSN Dreger broke down his perspective on the rumor, and according to him it's unlikely Subban will be traded prior to the end of the season.

P.K Subban isn't going anywhere.

He's not being shopped and the Habs aren't calling around to see if there's a market for the $9 million dollar star. And if calls are being received from rival GMs hoping to loot the train wreck that's the Canadiens' season, Marc Bergevin isn't listening.

However Dreger did not rule out the possibility that the Canadiens could very well look to move the defenseman during the offseason, although it's his belief that Montreal will attempt to deal other players before considering a trade of arguably their best player with the possible exception of the injured Carey Price.

Perhaps things change in the future - maybe as early as the summer if the Habs continue to slide - but the sense is there will be other changes considered (and likely made) before thinking of moving Subban out of Montreal.

Although this is entirely speculation on my part, there's no doubt in my mind that someone within the Montreal organization reached out to Dreger in an attempt to calm the fire storm this rumor created, and just the fact that he's commenting on it today indicates to me there's at least some truth to the fact the Canadiens were gauging his value on the market.

And again keep in mind Dreger would not rule out the possibility of him being dealt in the summer, a truly shocking scenario.