Breaking: Major update on the sale of the Carolina Hurricanes.

Huge update on potential sale of the Hurricanes.

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Back in June there were very serious rumors floating around regarding a potential sale of the Carolina Hurricanes. It's no secret that owner Peter Karmanos Jr. has been losing money on the project and the rumors suggested that Chuck Greenberg was in serious talks to buy the team for somewhere in the neighborhood of $500 million.

At the time of those rumors Mike Ozanian‏ of Forbes reported that the $500 million number was bogus and was in fact much higher than the actual sale price for the Hurricanes. Now a few short months after Ozanian's original report on the story he has provided another major update on this potential sale. 

According to Ozanian's breaking news report, Chuck Greenberg has now backed out of a potential buy of the Hurricanes and is even going so far as to suggest the entire story was a bogus one from the get go. 

It's an interesting observation from Ozanian especially when you consider that the only party who benefits from rumors of a high valuation for the sale of the team is someone who would be trying to sell that very same team.