Breaking: Marc Bergevin makes a huge revelation concerning Radulov!

Wow! He decided to set the record straight!

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Alexander Radulov decided to sign a five-year, 31,25 million contract with the Dallas Stars on July 3, instead of staying with the Montreal Canadiens. The fans were pretty upset about his decision to leave, because he was the team's second-best scorer, just behind Max Pacioretty. Some even blamed the organization for not keeping him. 

However, it looks like it was not general manager Marc Bergevin's decision to let him go. Here's what he said, right before the start of the team's annual golf tournament:

"I was surprised to see Radulov go because we made the exact same offer as the Dallas Stars, before they were even in the mix. I respect his decision, it was a really tempting offer, an offer we made before July 1st. He said a bunch of stuff that was not even true."

Wow. That was certainly unexpected. We already knew that Montreal and Dallas offered Radu the exact same thing, but not that the offer was made so early. Early this summer, the 31-year-old Russian said the Habs were never even close to the Stars, so Bergevin's comments come as a real surprise this morning.

Radulov scored 18 goals and 36 assists for 54 points last season, his first in the National Hockey League since 2011-12. He added seven points in six playoff games.