Breaking: McAvoy pulled from the Bruins' line up.

Not a good sign for the Bruins.-

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The Boston Bruins will be without arguably their top defenseman this evening.

Just a few short moments ago the Bruins released their line up for the morning rushes during Saturday's morning skate ahead of a match up against the Vancouver Canucks, but there was one name notably absent from the list. Although the Bruins line up appeared to be fairly standard there was a big gap left on the blue line by the absence of star defenseman Charlie McAvoy, a very big sign of concern for the Bruins fan base. 

As you would expect the reaction to the reveal from the Boston Bruins' organization has been a bit of panic on the part of Bruins fans and when you consider how valuable he has become to the organization it's easy to understand. That being said though the good news is that it sounds like things aren't all that serious, at least not based on the latest reports that we have heard coming from behind the scenes around the Bruins.

According to a breaking news report From Sportsnet's Irfaan Gaffar, it sounds like McAvoy has been pulled out of the line up due to some form of an illness, although Gaffar himself did not state that unequivocally. He instead hinted at the fact by reporting that head coach Bruce Cassidy has informed him that McAvoy "wasn't feeling right" and additionally that he is now on a plane back to Boston as a result. 

Now based on the wording here this sounds to me like an illness would be the culprit, but the issue here. and undoubtedly one of the big reasons fan are concerned, is the fact that a player is usually not flown back home due to simply an illness. The Bruins have put McAvoy on a plane which means he won 't play tonight in Vancouver and also will not play in the second part of their Canadian road trip, a Tuesday night game against the Ottawa Senators. 

This raises some eyebrows on my end and I have to wonder if this isn't a sign of something more serious, given that McAvoy appears now to be out until Thursday at the very earliest.