BREAKING: McDavid makes a BOLD prediction for tonight’s game 6

The young captain has stepped up and challenged his team. Can they produce?

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The Edmonton Oilers were just 15 seconds away from taking a series stranglehold over the  Anaheim Ducks on Friday evening, now they’re down and hoping desperately to face a game seven. In Connor McDavid’s eyes though, it’s a foregone conclusion: the Oilers WILL return to Anaheim for a game 7 following a victory in game 6.

“There’s not much that can really be said right now,” McDavid said Friday night. “It sucks but we’ll be back here Wednesday.” Wednesday, of course, would be the scheduled evening for a game 7 showdown.

McDavid has done his part in getting the Oilers this far, but he’ll likely be counted on even more if the Oilers are to get past the Ducks and move on to the Western Conference final.