Breaking: More bad news for Oilers star Leoon Draisaitl.

The bad news continues for Draisaitl.

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Edmonton Oilers star forward Leon Draisaitl has been sidelined due to injury, and while there have been reports he could return as early as Saturday, one National Hockey League insider says that won't be happening

Draisaitl has been sidelined with what some believe is a concussion, although only the fact that he is suffering concussion-like symptoms has been officially confirmed thus far. The injury was suffered when he took a big hit from Winnipeg Jets defenseman Jacob Trouba early last week. 

Now Sportsnet insider Gene Principe is reporting that Draistl is still too banged up to play, and as a result will in fact miss Saturday's game against the Philadelphia Flyers, obviously a cause for concern. 

Draisaitl has now been sidelined for significant time with this injury and while it will be frustrating to fans that he will remain out, you can't blame the Oilers for playing it safe with a player they have invested so much in.