Breaking: New proposed rule for players and their helmet!

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The NHL’s general managers were busy discussing potential rule changes at the annual GM meetings in Boca Raton, Fla. on Tuesday and one will get the attention of all players who have once stayed on the ice after losing their helmet.’s Dan Rosen reports that general managers drafted a provision in which players who lose their helmet during play must immediately go to the bench or face a penalty. The league will also look at making helmets mandatory during warmup.

It wasn’t the only proposed new rule as one has been discussed to enable coaches to choose which side of the ice they’d like for offensive zone face-offs as a result of an opponent’s penalty. In other words, a coach can decide which circle to use for a powerplay opening face-off.

The American Hockey League has already adopted both of these changes. These proposals need to go through the NHL’s competition committee prior to being presented to the board of governors.

A lot has been discussed and will need to be reviewed, however, it remains to be seen which will be implemented for the upcoming season. Players will need to keep a close eye on all the potential changes…