Breaking News : Could this veteran help the Penguins for the playoffs push?

Should Jim Rutherford put a claim on this player?

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The "Ribeiro Situation" escalated quite quickly

As reported by Pierre Lebrun yesterday's evening, Mike Ribeiro would've ask for a trade from the Nashville Predators. The Preds' management team didn't take time to react as they placed Ribeiro on waivers at noon today. Few details might come later, but as we heard yesterday, the rumors were running about the fact that he was a distraction in the locker room.

Should the Pittsburgh Penguins take a shot at Ribeiro?

He might have some problems off the ice and (as reported many times) in the locker room, but on thing is still true : Mike Ribeiro got skills and might still help a contending team. However, Ribeiro was not having the most productive season of his career and David Poile opened up on Wednesday regarding the lack of scoring from Ribeiro that might devaluate him after all "It’s never an ideal situation for anybody,” Poile said. “It’s obviously worse for a top player, a player that has played as long as Mike has".

Ribeiro will be a UFA at the end of the year which might reduce the risk of picking him up. With the depth and leadership group that the Pens have, would you be willing to give him a try?