Breaking News : Veteran Russian defenseman victims of a tragedy

Urgency forces him to leave the team to go back to Russia ASAP.

Breaking News : Veteran Russian defenseman victims of a tragedy

Sometimes, there is more important things than hockey...

A terrible news has just been released regarding the veteran defenseman Andrei Markov from the Montreal Canadiens.

According to the french Canadian's newspaper Le Journal de Montréal, a terrible news shook up Markov's family as his ex-wife (and mother of  Markov's twins) died from a terrible ovaries cancer lately. Natalia Streckova was living in Russia with Markov's childrens as Andrei is living in Montreal with his new wife Sonya Sonechka.

According to the insider Jonathan Bernier (who chatted with Marky) he will leave for Russia as soon as the Montreal Canadiens enter in their bye week next week.

"I had the chance to talked to her prior to this terrible newsabout our children's future but it wasn't an easy task. When you see someone fighting for her life, you just don't want to hurt her by saying unapropriate things. Those a delicates words and you gotta be carefull" sais Andrei Markov

He will come back from Russia with his 2 children and they'll live with him and his new wife Sonya Sonechka.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the familly. Stay strong.