Breaking News: Willie Desjardins has harsh comments for one of his player.

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Willie Desjardins has harsh comments for his defenceman Nikita Tryamkin

The big man is getting a lot of attention from his head coach, but not necessarily the kind of attention a player wants.

For all the bustle and talk of potential around the hulking 6’7 Russian defenseman, his biggest critics seem to be his own coaches.

After the Canucks lost 4-2 to the Dallas Stars Thursday night, head coach Willie Desjardins wasn’t exactly singing Tryamkin’s praises. While acknowledging his potential, Desjardins pointed to an apparent problem with work ethic as the main reason for the Russian’s lack of progress and bottom-pair position on the team’s defence.

Desjardins calling out his young defenseman’s lack of commitment probably isn’t just aimed Tryamkin alone. With the Canucks season mercifully close to being over, it is the time when the young players should be playing their hardest. The entire second half of the season has basically been a try-out to determine who is part of the Canucks’ rebuild next season.

And that’s what Willie is so upset about. Young defensemen make mistakes, rookie players stall and plateau in their development. All that is fine, normal, and expected.

What there isn’t an excuse for is giving up on a season, on a game, or on a shift. There’s no room in the NHL for that, and Desjardins is making it clear that there’s no room for quitters on his team either.