Breaking: NHL adds new drug to banned substance list.

This could have a legitimate impact.

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This is going to be an issue that fans in the National Hockey League will want to keep a very close eye on.

The NHL has announced on Wednesday that it will be adding a new drug to it's banned substance list, an e-mail from the NHL's Deputy Commissioner Bill Daly to the Associated Press revealed that the drug banned will be meldonium.

This is particularly noteworthy because of the massive doping scandal that hit hockey this year, with an entire Russian National team being replaced just days before an event after it was revealed that there had been widespread abuse of meldonium facilitated by the coaching staff.

While we never received official confirmation, there were rumors that some players at the National Hockey League level could have been involved, and now this most recent ban from the NHL would appear to indicate that the league believes it's an issue as well.

The NHL confirmed the banned would be in place for this upcoming season, but it's unclear if any such restrictions will apply for the World Cup of Hockey. A number of high profile athletes have been busted for using the substance just this past year, so fans will undoubtedly be on the lookout for drastic drop in performances from NHL players now that this ban is in effect.