Breaking: NHL admits officials screwed up review, may have cost a team the game.

A shocking admission from the NHL!

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The National Hockey League has made a shocking admission, and one that could have a dramatic impact on the NHL season should this prove to be the deciding factor in the standings for either of the teams involved. 

There was a major controversy last night during the match up between the St. Louis Blues and the Colorado Avalanche when a goal was overturned for an off-side zone entry, this despite the fact that the zone entry that led to the goal was not in fact offside. 

However due to the fact that a previous entry had been offside on the play, the NHL ruled that there was no goal on the play, the Avalanche were denied a goal and would lose the game 4-3. 

Now however according to a report from Stephen Whyno of the Associated Press. the NHL has admitted that it's officials made the wrong call, potentially costing the Avalanche not only a goal, but two points in the standings as well.

While initially your first instinct may to be to rip the NHL officials for such a massive screw up, and perhaps rightfully so, it's great to see that the league is being so open about admitting to their mistakes, presumably in the hopes of avoiding these types of errors in the future.