Breaking: NHL agent rips Bettman and the league on social media

Many fans and experts are as outraged and support his statement!

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Several NHL players agents are known to speak out on controversial issues and Alan Walsh is certainly one of them. On Saturday, a few hours before the second Ottawa Senators and Colorado Avalanche game in Sweden, the NHL agent reply to a tweet posted by the league's account on the bright future of the game in Europe, as many other events are being discussed to be held overseas. 

Walsh made the most of this opportunity by taking a stab at the NHL and NHL commissioner Gary Bettman concerning their recent decision on the NHL players' participation at the 2018 Winter Olympics. 

The agent is not the only outraged by the league's decision and actions towards the Olympics participation. After Walsh posted his reply on social media, many fans and journalists supported his statement. 

Walsh is not the first - and won't be the last - to express his discontent with the league's decision. 

But we doubt it will stops the NHL from hosting games in Europe...