Breaking: NHL expansion may have hit a major roadblock.

NHL expansion could be put on hold.

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The National Hockey League and it's expansion plans for a franchise in Las Vegas seemed all but a done deal but those plans may have hit a major roadblock.

According to a report earlier today from Gary Lawless during a radio interview on Winnipeg's 1290 AM, the Carolina Hurricanes, and owner Peter Karmanos are indebted to the NHL for a whopping $300 million, this after reports of a $100 million dollar law suite filed by his sons.  We now appear to have confirmation of how the NHL plans to remedy that.

Reporter Jimmy Murphy spoke to multiple NHL executives today who have reportedly told him the believe the Carolina Hurricanes could be relocated to Las Vegas, forgoing the expansion process, and furthermore putting potential league expansion on hold for the NHL.

This of course implies that Quebec City will not be receiving an expansion team, which has been the widely held belief for some time. The sale of the Hurricanes to Las Vegas could also provide Karmanos the assets for his current financial troubles.