Breaking: NHL GM confirms he has been in negotiations to acquire P.K. Subban!

Shocking revelation from an NHL GM!

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One National Hockey League general manager has blown the lid off the rumor mill. In fact you can no longer truly consider this rumor a rumor after an NHL GM has confirmed that he has been part of a negotiation for a trade. 

During a recent radio interview with TSN 1040 in Vancouver, Canucks general manager Jim Benning confirmed that the Canucks are one of the teams who have been in talks with the Montreal Canadiens with the intent of acquiring defenseman P.K. Subban. Benning also added that the price for Subban was very high, effectively confirmed that he is available, while stating that he is a true #1 defenseman.

Benning would also go on to state that the Canucks are a long way from completing a deal like that, but added that the team will do it's due diligence on the trade.

This seems to fit right in with the shocking reports earlier today out of Montreal detailing why Subban would be traded.