Breaking: NHL head coach and his assistant coach have been fired!

Coach has been canned.

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We have an early season termination to report.

According to a breaking news report from Los Angeles Kings insider Helene Elliott of the Los Angeles Times, the Kings organization has put an end to their current coaching debacle and relieved head coach John Stevens of his duties. Additionally it appears that assistant coach Don Nachbaur is also on his way out of town and there may be more names that will follow these two. 

Elliott is reporting that the announcement will be made official sometime within the next half an hour or so and she has clearly stated that there are "more changes to come from the Kings" during that announcement. We can only speculate as to what those announcements may be but I think I may be able to read between the lines here a little bit. 

First and foremost it is extremely notable that in Elliott's report there is no mention of assistant coach Dave Lowry and if I had to guess as to why he has been spared the headman's axe I would speculate that he is likely going to be the man named to takeover as interim head coach following the termination of John Stevens. Now please keep in mind that this is only speculation on my part based on Elliott's report and I have no insider knowledge at this time to suggest that this is indeed the case. Additionally it looks like the Kings also intend to keep goaltending coach Bill Ranford around based on this announcement although again this is only speculation on my part. 

What will be very interesting to see is whether or not the Kings are prepared to look for another head coach to come in mid season as there has been some major speculation as of late regarding one National Hockey League head coach that is currently unemployed. As the pressure ramped up on a number of teams early in the season there were rampant rumors that head coach Alain Vigneault has been waiting in the wings to take on a head coaching gig once again. There was speculation that teams could look to make a quick move in order to secure Vigneault's services and given his experience with older teams and veteran players he seems like he would be a solid fit in L.A.

Stay tuned for more updates.