Breaking: NHL head coach was reportedly fired for abusing a player.

Rumors of a shocking incident in the locker room.

Breaking: NHL head coach was reportedly fired for abusing a player.

There are shocking reports of a locker room incident coming from multiple sources.

While the firing of Montreal Canadiens head coach Michel Therrien came as a huge shock to many the reason why he was fired may be the real story here, and it's an ugly one.

According to a report from Max Truman of DLC on February 9th following a game against the Philadelphia Flyers, Therrien unleashed a verbal tirade on Habs forward Andrew Shaw, one that did not sit well with players. That story was corroborated by Martin Leclerc of Radio-Canada this morning when he stated that Therrien had gone far beyond just calling out Shaw regarding the game of hockey  and that it degenerated into personal verbal attacks against the veteran forward.


It's at that point that one of the locker room leaders stood up and told Therrien that enough was enough, and while this is only speculation, Truman believes the unidentified player who spoke out was none other than Carey Price.  Price was rumored to have clashed with Therrien although at the time there was no report that it could be related to Shaw, and according to that rumor Therrien had told Price to content himself with stopping pucks, Truman now believes that both incidents took place on the same night.

We now know that less than a week later locker room leaders met with general manager Marc Bergevin and Therrien was fired shortly after. Needless to say this may drastically impact his ability to find another job in the NHL.