BREAKING: NHL implements new procedures following MAJOR DRUG problems among players.

NHL faces MAJOR cocaine problems.

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NHL faces MAJOR cocaine problems.

As reported by TSN, the NHL would have implemented a new procedure following heavy drug problems among players.

NHLPA says at all NHL player doping samples tested for cocaine this season as in the past seasons, one third, or about 800 of the roughly 2,300 samples, were screened for cocaine and other recreational drugs reported TSN.

The number of [cocaine] positives are more than they were in previous years and they’re going up,” Daly said. “I wouldn’t say it’s a crisis in any sense. What I’d say is drugs like cocaine are cyclical and you’ve hit a cycle where it’s an ‘in’ drug again.”

I’d be shocked if we’re talking about a couple dozen guys. I don’t want to be naïve here … but if we’re talking more than 20 guys I’d be shocked. Because we don’t test in a comprehensive way, I can’t say.